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IGaming in Canada: Most Popular Games

Online gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world with millions of people participating in it daily. Supplementing this are thousands of newcomers coming to the space and hobby. This has led to the market cap of the online gaming industry hitting over $100 billion U.S. dollars. As an industry that has been big in the past, its new developments have surged a new wave of popularity into it. These are of course online casinos, an alternative to their in-person counterparts which offer users their favorite casino games anywhere they are. Making a system where anyone can pick up their phone and start playing the most popular games.

Another big factor that contributed to the popularity of online gaming and casinos is Twitch, one of the world’s biggest live-streaming platforms. Even Drake, one of the most popular Canadian celebrities, has frequented to play and watch others play at online casinos. Recently there have been some new developments that have led to Twitch’s decision to ban live-streaming from leading gambling sites. To learn more, make sure to click here and learn everything going on in regard to the ban.

Most importantly, the biggest factor and the reason many come to the industries are the popular types of games you can find at online casinos.

Slot Games

Slot machines are one of the most common and frequently used forms of online gaming in the world, especially in Canada. Their simple yet enjoyable and diverse design makes them the most popular game in the industry. Furthermore, the game’s decent return to player rate of 95-98% is a major contributor to this, allowing users the best chances to take away profits from a great time.

Both their in-person and online counterparts offer a great variety of styles and themes making it so that there is one for every player out there. And as technology advances, we are sure to see many new developments.


Roulette is a staple casino game that has greatly benefited from the platform of online gaming. The simple yet entertaining luck-based game that players have been enjoying for hundreds of years has adapted well to online play. The transfer has managed to keep the beloved social aspect of the original, emulating the crowds of people standing around the roulette wheel and cheering for big wins.

Furthermore, roulette is a fairly easy game to learn the gameplay of and understand the odds. While easy to play it takes some time to master and become an expert. But the journey is enjoyable throughout making it a great game for beginners.


Poker is a game that comes in many variations such as three-card poker. This creates some difficulty when determining what exact type of poker is most popular. For instance, three card poker is the most popular type of poker in Canada and can be seen at almost all online gaming establishments. Because the format uses only three cards it is easy to understand what the best poker hands are possible. Additionally, the game itself is easy and fun to learn.

Traditionally, players play up against a dealer at a table, and there can be multiple players on each table. This is the perfect setting designed for entertainment with friends and like- minded individuals. Online counterparts of poker have kept this by allowing multiple players to be at the same table, making it so that you can play poker with your friends even if you are on two different sides of the world.

Players also have the option of booking up an entire table for themselves and playing multiple hands at a time. This can generate lots of profit while grating them the ultimate poker experience.

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